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Lonely Christmas

by Royal Ruckus

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verse 1 I'm swiping left and right before Christmas night typin up messages no end in sight (she got three pictures and an overbite and the way she write, well she ain't bright!) ah what the heck have an in-person view she got cute frecks and her texts are blue (that means iMessage and an iPhone too) give me twenty minutes know what I'll do I'll meet her on the Ave in my Rav light the tree, see Santa, have a laugh getting stopped by kids for my autograph happy hour Til 7, so my tab is half Santa saying ho (got me thinking it's a message) can't pretend to know but I'm cautious bout the wreckage double deck perspective, check my prime directive> not tryina make mistakes cause things are kinda festive chorus Matching with the ladies on that dating app she acting kinda shady (it's a trap) mashed taters with the gravy, ham is on the map> Christmas dinner plans with her fam (it's a trap) verse 2 Christmas Eve got that liturgy incense and smoke, holy mysteries (who takes a first date out to a church?) I do fool, that's just how I work get out the church we gowin get some grub look for tacos with a spicy rub al pastor, (now you're in troub) turn tako cheena to an impromptu club it's Christmas on the dance floor you know I'm acting tough all them little gangsters gotta show me love pranksters and drankers in fluffed ear muffs (do right by baby Jesus don't use fisticuffs) things were going great but she started getting weird she was pulling at my fingers, tugging on my beard she bit me on my haunches, said "here's the thing you've seduced the fairest maid of the mountain king"
it's Christmas time in Boynton Beach mama's cooking chicken but she's out of reach she's on the left coast I stayed home in Florida chose to be alone and pray for the Lord ta> be my Christmas gift, cause I'm feeling adrift feel weighty mortality, wish this spit would lift Holiday formalities, car crash fatalities next year I outlive dad, messed up life dualities joy and pain not the same but they mix like paint create a new color, so some things are gained this year left me drained, my best girl walked away did everything I could to be good and to convey that I care but I swear it all vanished like air but if I'm learning from life, I'm no worse for the wear now I'm confused about home and is it in sight is it where I grew up? or where I sleep at night? hook it's been a lot of years, it's been a lot of time life is like a climb, grab that nook on the incline don't let go for your life, don't let go 'less you're done there comes a time for all when we cannot hang or run temptations abound, tryin not to run aground> I put back upon my head that Royal Ruckus crown all I want for Christmas is my boy flatline we made a double album, it's about dang time homie's over there, and I am over here but we storming the Bastille like we were some musketeers like Robes-pierre, we incorruptible but I stand against that dude, the state's destructible all I want for Christmas is no president can we get congress to dissolve their torments fomenting this mess, media creating stress Facebook comments, nauseating work distressed gotta love my neighbor whether Donald or the Aytch> put away my light saber, forgive the KKK all I want for Christmas is peace above all things return their hate with love, I would die for the exchange forgiveness...is the revolution beauty...will save the world
it's christmas time... holiday... sleep now, kids, it's a wonderful life call it quits, get some rest tonight it'll be alright, tomorrow holds promise the light of Christ, shines and causes hope to burn bright, enlightens all people our king is good, his kingdom is peaceful he promised to return, right every wrong heal the infirm and make the weak strong from the land before time there was a grand plan to form a love enshrined, in a god-man wasn't robbery, fatherly, can't understand properly planned, shed the blood of the lamb eve bought the scam, Adam made a mess said no to the Father, Mary said yes the savior as child, virgin's delight unscrambles all pain, uncreated light


Merry Christmas!


released December 2, 2016

1. In the Trap of the Mountain King
Music: Shedlyn / Vocals: Chunjay & Flatline / Lyrics: Chunjay

2. Lonely Christmas (Don't Let Go)
Music: Corona Productions / Vocals: Chunjay & Flatline / Lyrics: Chunjay

3. Sleep Now, Children
Music: Flatline / Lyrics & Vocals: Chunjay & Flatline /

Mixing and Mastering: DJ Sean P - Additional mixing by the music makers.


all rights reserved



Royal Ruckus Bakersfield

Royal Ruckus is fresh to death. Originally from Bakersfield, California, Flatline and Chunjay are now representing Austin, Texas and South Florida, respectively.

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