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Unexpected Joy EP

by Royal Ruckus

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holy are you holy are you there is no god there is no god there is no god but you praise be the lord watched a mother put her daughter in the ground her eyes produced tears that could only fit love's crown saltine gems sparkling jewels set in gold wrapped in linen in a casket like a straight jacket's hold where were you? I couldn't feel your presence they say you conquered death but she died in adolescence a child takes her own life, living in despair the pastor reads a text says we'll meet up in the air what is that? does that help anyone at all? and did you hear her cries when her nose was red and raw was she ill was she sick was she lonely was she sad could you have healed her heart and not broke her mom and dad’s? I don't understand you say you took on flesh and bear death marks inside your hands but a serpent and a plant, explain your thwarted plan? are you watching from afar like some fan up in the stands? gotta be honest god sometimes it's hard to see when looking for your face inside my hands upon my knees you promised to be with me! but I'm feeling a bit deceived are you with me now like when I first believed? I made my bed in hell and you swore that you were there did J-Qwess feel your love lying in that chemo chair? the world's in disrepair, people living on the streets children without fathers, religious teachers who mislead did I misread? that you're working it for good? have you decreed? is that right? have we understood? bump that! we need your help right now maybe if you showed up, every knee would bow right here! (right now!) on earth like up in heaven if you’re giving us some lessons why won’t you answer questions?
to all the people strugglin to make ends meet sacrificin for your kids to keep the family on its feet to my brothers raising kids when your lady left the fam the ladies standing strong when your man broke up the plan to my boy growing sprouts with his baby mama sun and water and some love, sparing all of the drama this is for my friends who really screwed it up but are trying make amends and get out of the rut cause life ain’t so simple we ain’t always get it right sometimes there’s a window if we looking for the light to my friends on the street just tryin to survive if concrete makes a bed then your prayers are prob’ly sighs if I make my bed in hell, how will god find me there if your life is a jail cell is there help for your prayer I wantchu know that I care so I’m sending this out quench the deserts of your life in the season of your drought we got the faith, and we got the hope we got the love and the beats are dope to all the people strugglin to chart life’s course sacrifice without despair and giving praise up to the Source to the mom and dads who kept it all together for the kids through the weathered storms and tethered forms and baby hissy fits to my brother married young, and been faithful all these years to the bride of his youth, and the fruit of their prayers to the faithful sons and daughters who may never have married but the life and times and burdens they so tirelessly carried this is for my friends who were raised by gram and gramps for every big sister who was actually an aunt cause life is kinda scary, keep an eye out for the helpers sometimes you find an angel on skid row by the shelter to my friends spreading love to the shut-ins down the block if concrete makes a path, then love could make you knock if I make my bed in hell will I see the sun (son) rise asked god to show his face, it seemed that he replied “open up your eyes”
Knowdaverbs: Riggity Real talkin Jiminey sweet Christmas. On a Jesse Owens dash, With a Luke Cage resistance I think I thought it was a child’s game hide and seek. Missed to think, games locked And being played for keeps. Plus my mind was in box and the Will was weak. With No David copper field techniques I was Left With noooo way right way- to try to escape Alcatraz in the bars, lt’s an attempt to explain. Try to calculate his ways, some remain mystique Like how He clearing criminals with a record delete? then slip a ring onto their finger, and let them borrow His flow I don’t own my own self how can I say no, you know? Chunjay: down with the king for years, lost count of em Samson was a failure just tryin a make a man of em these days so confused from the booze and the bruises useless excuses got me questioning what truth is got some thoughts and I got my commitments brought up plots against god, got these resentments who is the defendant and who is the accuser say a prayer I’m repentant, still acting like a loser woke up one day, you stopped making sense now I’m praying for faith and I’m feeling verklempt seems like all my friends gave you up for Lent like catholic girls do chocolate still binge and get lit nowhere else to go, so I guess I’m yours forever eighty years to figure things seems like a ton of pressure metaphysics, sex olympics, deal with hella gimmicks ballistic with logistics now god has jealous critics kj-52 ever since I started then went independent irregardless of what your chart is Im a win the pendant its the hardest as an artist when your getting vintage the rest of yall the time has come to eat ya sentences I’m a freaking menace because I seen the business seen the snakes and fakes how they seek to kill us from start to finish i seen the hardest sinners been changed from all they ways when they came repentant and I got no limits now watch me go and take a minute shove a line into your mind until I’m driving with it then take the rhyme and climb it higher till I’m diving in it this industry is enough to make you wanna be committed and Im still here standing w/ my brain intact aint a thing i fear nothing ever changed w/ that still the same its Jesus name just when i state the fact and you can exit out the rear right unless you claiming that
little kids playing out in the open field Bright spring day brings life from common ills of such is the kingdom, of such is the Christ of such is the way to abundant life life isn’t simple, life is complex life isn’t captured in a single mic check but it’s seen in the blooms that grow on the trees and it’s seen in the blossoms that fall with the leaves the tree is left empty, barren and still tree becomes wood that is used to kill, third day comes and he opens our eyes what was once dead becomes resurrected life everybody put your hands together put your hands together put your hands together look up from the ground to the sky Jesus Christ spread his arms and died some of this a bit more of that water of life makes a man relax weight of the world I find on my back then I find a light yoke has been attached hurt my true love and I hurt my mom hurt my dad and friends but the love’s not gone hurt a lot of people and truth be told we have empty hands but God gave gold now I’m tryin a hold onto flickers of light the candle of the Presence signifies my flight so I walk by faith and not by sight I been set free from from Egypt and enslaved plight everybody put your hands together put your hands together put your hands together look up from the ground to the sky Jesus Christ spread his arms and died once upon a time I had some broken hearts and once upon a time god gave a new start “speak the word only, and my soul shall be healed” Christ spoke the word and promise fulfilled there’s a lot of things that I’d like to see a unified church where Christ reigns supreme I’d like to see the roadside where my father died I’d like to understand the anguish when my mother cried I’d like to know the joy of a baby on my lap I’d like to make some money from this kingdom of rap I’d like to put a ring on a finger that’ll stay and I’d like to know Christ at the last day flower come on, yeah everybody put your hands everybody put your hands together put your hands together put your hands together look up from the ground to the sky Jesus Christ spread his arms and died


A Story of Unexpected Joy
Saint Dimitry of Rostov (1651-1709) tells the story of a Russian thief who, despite his crimes, nevertheless prayed every day. One of his habits was to pray kneeling in front of an image, or icon, of a young Christ in the arms of his mother, the Virgin Mary. It was as if he was haunted by these holy ones.

One day, while praying, he quoted the Archangel Gabriel's words to the Virgin Mary: "Greetings, O favored one, the Lord is with you!"

Just then, he had a vision of the icon coming to life, and saw wounds appear on the child of Christ—the same type of wounds CHrist experienced in his passion, when he was scourged and crucified.

Horrified, he cried out to the Mother of God, "O, my Lady, who did this?"

At this question, the Virgin Mary also animated, and he saw her lips begin moving, and he heard a woman's voice, saying: "You and other sinners crucify my son anew with your sins."

Filled with conviction and sorrow for his sins, he embraced the icon, kissing the wounds of Christ. Soon, his sorrow gave way to a feeling of unexpected joy and arose from prayer repentant, feeling a light and joyous sense that comes from being forgiven much.

"(T)here will be more joy in heaven over one sinner that repents than over 99 righteous persons who need no repentance" (Luke 15:7).

Later, an icon was made of this story. Sometimes called the "icon of thieves," the Unexpected Joy icon depicts a repentant sinner kneeling before an icon of the Virgin Mary and Christ.


released August 15, 2019

Royal Ruckus Presents...
Flatline and Chunjay and friends in...

Unexpected Joy EP
Chunjay: Conceptual direction, lyrics, vocals, co-production
Flatline: Music, vocals, production

Supporting cast:
DJ Sean P (mixing, mastering, music/production) at TWLVS Studios in Fort Worth, Texas,
That Kid Courageous (music/production),
KJ-52 (lyrics/vocals),
Knowdaverbs (lyrics/vocals),
Krum (music/production),
Chris Montague (engineering, vocal production) at Ocean Side Studios, Boynton Beach, Florida,
and Chris Hawthorne (graphic design) at chrismhawthorne@gmail.com.

Royal Ruckus consists of two members:
Chunjay (Jamey Bennett)
Flatline (Michael Walker)


all rights reserved



Royal Ruckus Bakersfield

Royal Ruckus is fresh to death. Originally from Bakersfield, California, Flatline and Chunjay are now representing Austin, Texas and South Florida, respectively.

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