Royalty Check EP (Produced by DJ Sean P)

by Royal Ruckus, DJ Sean P

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Joshua (J.Smo) Smotherman Love your Hip Hop raw, fun and injected with a heavy dose of Boom Bap and some West Coast attitude?! Microphone Veterans Royal Ruckus join forces with DJ Sean P for a no-holds-barred collection of tracks that are guaranteed to break necks, pump fists and excite Hip Hop Heads with an unapologetic approach to kicking funky rhymes over banging beats. If you are new to the Royal Ruckus experience, download Royalty Check and then dive deep into this power teams discography!!! Hip Hop, it don't stop! Favorite track: U Know Who I Am.
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Royal Ruckus Presents... Royalty Check, an EP by Chunjay and Flatline with DJ Sean P.


released January 21, 2019

Chunjay: Lyrics, vocals, conceptual direction.
Flatline: Vocals, creative consultation.
DJ Sean P: Production, engineering, scratches, mixing, mastering,
additional lyrics and vocals.
Vinyl Jones: Lyrics and vocals on “Once Again.”
Recorded at TWLVS in Fort Worth, Texas.
Additional recording in Nashville, Tennessee.

A special thanks to CookBook, kidDEAD, Spoken Nerd, Joey the Jerk, and Vinyl Jones for creative consultation.

Artwork and design by Keelia Paulsen of Khenri Designs ( Additional layout by Chunjay.

Dedicated to the graduates of Highland High School, Bakersfield,
California, past, present, and future.

Check out our other recent projects at and Visit Follow us on social
media places at @royalruckus or @royalruckusofficial. Beware of
imposter Ruckus crashers.


all rights reserved



Royal Ruckus Bakersfield

Royal Ruckus is fresh to death. Originally from Bakersfield, California, Flatline and Chunjay are now representing Austin, Texas and South Florida, respectively.

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Track Name: U Know Who I Am
I walked into the station, ran into a Chad
dark bags under his eyes, a sedated kinda sad
here for a class reunion, feeling kinda fresh
loosened up my belt, popped my collar an’ all the rest
feelin fresh dressed, baggy jeans but they pressed
adidas matching socks Imma pass the test
Chad said how ya doing, and he asked me for my name
i said you must be kidding, what’s wrong with your brain
we dissected pigs together in biology class
paid you for a paper but it didn’t even pass //
20 years ago, I was 40 pounds lighter
don't you know? I’m a skilled rap writer
drink my cider in a snifter// red wine by the pint //
prom date with your sister, she lookin kinda fine
she dumped me in the end, then I took her friend....

chad didn’t care, or remember we were bros
I swear he was a square, cat with boogers in his nose
tried to be a decent fella, cool with everybody
wanted to be kind to jocks, chicks, and fools who were nutty
Chad tried to sell me somethin, i wished he had a bong
stick your stupid slogan in, and we can sing along
Bruce Wayne of this rap game, got gadgets that are insane
don’t have super powers but I got some Lois Lanes:
Vicki Vale, Rachel Dawes, I got probable cause
dawn of justice, let’s get real, a rebel to the laws
i don’t get these fools not knowing
who I am
a pretty big deal when I’m up on Instagram
don’t need to flake or flam, y’all fools know my jams
Chunjay from Royal Ruckus! I aced the exam!
Track Name: I Like That (Merch Table)
Buy the album when I drop it
and all the girlies at the merch like
I like that 
i had em pullin out they purse like 
I like that
Buy the album when I drop it
and all the ladies at the merch say
I like that 
if you pullin out ya purse say 
I like that

man we rolled into the bar like a blind paraplegic
Pleased to meet this girl who looked like she was from Egypt
<flatline: Cleopatra on the Nile>, elegant style
excellent element was her accented smile 
introduced myself and said “hey I’m here to rap”
“are you in the band?” “yeah you could say that
“i write words that rhyme, deliver them in a cadence 
“for the nerds in line and the merch table maidens
“and all the rap cats kickin on the scene too”
got her Snapchat quick, went to the green room
watched the other rappers go with all that same old...
Money, hoes, honies, flows. Lame stale flow
no mic control, no fun, no soul 
I’m no battle rapper but I’mmo hafto go
flip the scrip', hip-hop palate cleanse
then honies line up, “how much your album is” 

<flatline: Royal Ruckus take the stage and tell a few jokes
got some laughs and shouts, break up songs provoke
finished up my set with a round o’ applause (background effect)
took the rap crown, despite my own show flaws
girlies at my table asking <flatty girl voice: “do you have a sharpie?”
<sounds cocky> you can call me Clark Gable of the flirtation party 
this girly bought my shirt for her boyfriend over there 
and a trendy rubber bracelet, I swear I saw a tear
she was gushing with her words and blushing on her cheeks
she said <flatline in a girl voice: “I was a Jesus Freak an’ a Ruckus Nation geek 
my name is Megan, I like all of your songs
if you made my town your station, I think we’d get along”
I said “that’s cool and all, I think you’re really sweet 
“but my girl’s a Russian beast, and she’d pickle both my feet”
I thanked her for listening, signed her compact disc
gave my beard a rub for luck an my cheek a little kiss 
Track Name: Say the Word
got the first text about it that night, 6:30 /
Saint Patrick’s day but I was going home early /
got in the Lyft as your message popped open <Lyft notification> /
asked if god would judge a man who lost all sense of hope and /
took his own life, it’s the only way out /
I know you too well, I knew what it was about /
It's your girl, your job, struggle to exist in this life /
“well this world came unfurled, I’m not sure that I’ll survive
“got a plan to end it, put a stop to this pain /
“it’s selfish, absolutely, but these thoughts eat my brain” /
wasn’t sure what to say started crying for my brother / and I bowed my head to pray "please save us today"/
Not gonna spray those old cliche platitudes /
but I had to make sure you knew my attitude
it was three years ago that we started on our path
I’ll still be your companion an ill help ya find a map

life gets us twisted and mixed on up /
we are strongest when assisted by friends in a rut /
So I pledge to have your back, and be a better man /
Cause when it comes to messin up I'm a decorated veteran /
I need the help as much as next, maybe more /
// much respect to my friends tryina be better than before /
can’t make a promise, sure as hell imma try
i got your back when you're down, I ain’t a let you die /
cause I know how it is waking up in a sweat /
some days I can’t find Jesus, that I must confess /
a disciple but I’m lost, like the both are true /
I feel like you been beaten up, broken and bruised /
I haven’t worn your shoes but I get the pain in what you sayin /
past present future like doc and marty get shaken /
walkin on the path and my homie, you off track /
when you think that it’s over, Imma help you get on back /
Track Name: Back N Effect
I’m going, going, back back, to Cali cali
samples: <b-ba-back in effect><bring it back><check it out><come to collect the payback>

got my little start in golden era of rap
northeast Bakersfield junior high school yard scraps
2pac and biggie, tribe had me picky
playing with Fire, youth group church camp
named Cleva MC at the lake called Hume
split image was the crew, we liked the cars that go boom
graffiti writing my name was RARN
phade one forever, mean streak was my charm
<flatline: aww yeah, man those were the days>
actin a fool with the krylon sprays
arrested by the cops, turned my heart to rhymes
found my way back to God, lightin candles at shrines
divine inspiration, <flatline: what you wanna do?>
went solo with this mess but i still had a crew
I’m older and I’m wiser, but I’m still catchin wreck
Chunjay in the house and I’m back in effect
<flatline: Chunjay's in the house and he’s back in effect>

I got to California in the loins of my people
Oregon trail was a game, but for us it was lethal
people died on the trail, religious fervor prevailed
Mormon stuff got weird and grand pappy set sail
but we had to keep on <flatline yells background: September Dawn!>
this was a mess, but it was just a jawn
<flatline: party people over here, party people over there
by the time my dad died, mama’s vision was clear
we forged a new path and that caused some spats
but love was none the wiser so we mended all that
by the time I’m in high school I’m spitting all the rhymes
walmart hustlin the tapes, I put in the time
<flatline: ruckus was joke? we three kids were woke
j-dog, flatline, then yoda—we spoke to provoke
I’m older and I’m wiser, but I’m still catchin wreck
<both: Royal Ruckus in the house and we back in effect

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